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“Our mission is to provide a safe and reliable method to buy, sell, store, trade and transfer digital currency across the globe”

BitWallet, Incorporated is a privately held corporation founded July 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas.

BitWallet, Inc. is a United States Department of Treasury ‘Money Services Business’. 

Meet some of the team

John T. Perrone
Chief Executive Officer at BitWallet™

Martin Caldera
Chief Technology Officer at BitWallet™

Ken Zimmern
Chief Operating Officer & Lead Attorney at BitWallet™

Dean McMichael
Investor & Advisor at BitWallet™

Doug Winnie
Advisor at BitWallet™

Tom Perrone
Advisor at BitWallet™

Dave Crawley
Advisor at BitWallet™

Dr. Phil Snyder
Advisor at BitWallet™

Wendy Buskop
Lead Patent Attorney at BitWallet™

Len Walker
Lead SEC Attorney at BitWallet™

Patrick Torres
Director of Corporate Marketing at BitWallet™

Matt BertramDigital Marketing for Bitcoin and Crypto
Lead Digital Marketing Strategist at BitWallet™

Reed Becker
Marketing Agent at BitWallet™

Mike O’ Tule
Business Analyst at BitWallet™

Mike LaBelle
YouTube Marketing Specialist at BitWallet™

Jennifer Wise
International Accounting Manager at BitWallet™

Brock Lunardi
Software Consultant at BitWallet™

Adam Lewis
Cryptocurrency Advisor at BitWallet™

Andrew Engram
Fundraising Consultant at BitWallet™

Joshua Belland
Web Design Specialist at BitWallet™

Ivan MayaVideography for Bitcoin and Crypto
Videographer at BitWallet™

Mike FilewiczBranding for Bitcoin and Crypto
Creative Strategist at BitWallet™

Justin Lynch Website Deisgn for Bitcoin and Crypto
Website Development at BitWallet™

Johan ParraPaid Media for Bitcoin and Crypto
Paid Media Specialist at BitWallet™